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The last years have been hard for Majestic Vanguard. You all know the story by now with Peter’s vocal cords, his decision to leave MV and all the other issues the band has fronted. In somehow we have never been able returning on the right track when we have been forced to deal with stuff not concerning the music! It’s been very annoying never receiving the tools to start the work with an upcoming album and more touring. We have come to a point when we see the needs of a reorganization of the band. It’s time to proceeding in a new direction...
A lot of changes have been made and more is about to embark! We will try to work towards the future in a way that actually can meet the needs from both our families and the band. We have a mission to accomplish and we’re hungry to meet you soon again on tour, but we also ask for your patience - a lot of work lay ahead.
Please follow the process with the new MV on our website and on our myspace site!

Thanks for your endless support and prayers!
/Majestic Vanguard


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