The beginning
…In the early nineties, Andreas Andersson, and later his brother Samuel Andersson joined up with a rock band from Falköping. The drummer in the band was Daniel Eskilsson. This was the first meeting between us…

The band we played in had some fine years between 1993 and 1995. We manage to do some gigs and two demo tapes before we received the bad news that our keyboard player John Lönnmyr decides to leave the band.

At that moment we didn’t have the resources our courage to build anything new. We did some sad efforts, but everything felt in vain. The band saw its last days in the fall 1995. When the band split, it came as a big shock to us and we lost contact for many years.

A new beginning
Some years later, Daniel, Samuel and Andreas were meeting accidentally in Falköping. We felt that our passion for “metal” was burning, and decided to begin to play together again. The following years we had to fight pretty hard to survive. Sometimes we had five or six month between the rehearsals. During this time we all got married! So maybe we had some good reasons not to rehearse as frequently as we should have done.
Most of the time we had a basic line up in the band: drums, bass and guitar. We also played with two guitars, or guitar and keyboard. This constant changing of instruments gave us time to develop a sound that would become the bands “signature sound” in the forthcoming years. The main aim for the band at this point was to find a singer; our efforts would soon give a result.

The years of 2003 and 2004
In the spring of 2003 we decided to give Peter Sigfridsson a chance to sing in the band. It all turned out very well. Peter had no metal experience, but a voice that fitted perfect for melodic heavy metal. For the first time we felt like a real band.

This was the foundation of Divine Disciples. The line up was:

Andreas Andersson - Bass
Samuel Fredén - Guitar & Keyboard
Peter Sigfridsson - Vocals
Daniel Eskilsson - Drums

We now become anxious to record a demo tape. The recording of the demo started in mars 2004. After some interesting weeks we were finally able to put everything together. The outcome was very good. We were (are) incredibly grateful to the engineers and producers who worked on this project.

We thought that it could be interesting to send the demo to some critics and record labels. In the end we sent the demo to just one record label – “Rivel records”. Christian at Rivel records contacted Daniel Eskilsson almost immediately after receiving the demo.
We couldn’t believe that this was really happening to us. Of course we decided to sign up with Rivel Records immediately. The dream now came true for us, and all the struggles throughout the years finally gave result. To Christian and Rivel records we could only express our greatest gratitude for giving us this chance to serve God with our music.

With this new situation for us, recording a full album and hopefully forthcoming live performances, we decided to open up for a new member. In September 2004 we welcomed our new guitar player Johan Abelson and also decided to change the bands name to Majestic Vanguard.

This is the line up for Majestic Vanguard mark I:

Samuel Fredén - Keyboard
Peter Sigfridsson
- Vocals
Daniel Eskilsson - Drums
Andreas Andersson - Bass
Johan Abelson - Guitar

Year 2005
This year has so far been very interesting for the band. In the springtime 2005 we recorded our debut album “beyond the moon”. The result is very pleasing and we are exited to let everyone hear this, as we feel, great material! The progress of this album should be fun to follow!
Hopefully we can look forward to a release in the autumn 2005. Please follow our journey…

The Great future
Maybe it sounds a little bit weird to write about “the great future”. The day of tomorrow and what it will bring to us, will we never know. However for those who have chosen to live there life with Jesus Christ, there will always be a great future. Majestic Vanguards future lies in the hand of our bringer of the day. Nothing can ever chance that fact. The only thing we can do is to serve the one who once served us. The purpose with Majestic Vanguard is to present Jesus Christ to a fallen mankind. Too many voices in our time speak the fall prophet’s words. It will all end up in misery. Jesus is the only way to God and through him we can all go free. Majestic Vanguard accepts that fact, and we are Gods respectfully servants!
-Yours sincerely Daniel Eskilsson / Majestic Vanguard Summer 2005