How did your band begin?
Back in the early nineties, Samuel, Andreas and I were part of a band that from the beginning was formed by myself and a friend of my, John Lonnmyr. The band was called Sentinel and we played together for a couple of years. After a break that lasted for 4-5 years. Samuel, Andreas and I contacted each other again. We began to talk about the possibilities to start a new metal band. The year was now 98-99 and the following years we did some sad efforts to play. We were in big needs of a vocalist. In the year of 2003 we decided to give Peter a chance in the band and it all turned out very well. We founded Divine Disciples... After our successful demo we received a label deal with Rivel Records. We opened up for a new guitar player, Johan and decided to chance our name to Vanguard. That name has today become, Majestic Vanguard!!
What does the band members believe is the focus of this band?
The focus has always been and will always be, to serve our heavenly father! That is something that everybody knows in the band and that is our focus. When someone has become a member of our band, this is something that we been were straight about, even if the member is a believer or a not believer. There will never be any compromises from the band in our Christian faith.
How would you define your music? What kinds of music styles has your band changed thru and what were the reasons for the changes in musical direction?
I think it’s hard to describe the music we play. But, in my opinion we have a classic heavy metal sound as a ground to our music. We also have a lot of progressive influences and a little touch of power metal in our sound.
Tell us who is in their band and what are their personalities characteristics like?

Andreas, Samuel and I are the old veterans in the band. We have been playing in many different constellations during the years. We really like heavy metal and founded this band together for some years ago, Samuel plays the keyboard and has written a few songs to the band  ... His brother Andreas is our heavy bas player. I am the songwriter and drummer boy in the band!

Peter and Johan are the youngsters. Peter, our great metal singer is a gifted student and lives deep, deep into the dark forest. Johan, our flamboyant guitar player is the last contribution to the band. A fabulous solo guitar player with a lot of experience from live and studio works...

Samuel, Andreas. Peter and I are all married! I have a 1 year old daughter and Andreas has just these days become a father to a boy child.

What struggles have you gone thru as a band and as a band member?
The band is too young to have experience some big struggles. Maybe the time when we only were 3 in the band and had to fight pretty hard to survive, was a useful experience for us...

I believe you always have to deal with your struggles throw prayers. We have all been in ruff crises and there is only one way to deal with the problems. That way is Jesus Christ and throws him we can reach to our creator and father to receive his loving help.

What have you achieved as a band?
The label deal with Rivel Records is off course the biggest achievement for the band so far.
What is the focus of your music and what do you want to achieve with Majestic Vanguard as a band?
As I said before, the bands purpose is the serve God. Besides that, hopefully we can continue develop as a band and have a create time when playing our music together.
What is the new release like called "Beyond The Moon"? What are some of the themes for this new album and what will make the recordings of this album different from previous material?
Beyond the moon is our debut album. I have been the producer of this album. One of the things a have been trying to do is to combine a solid metal sound with big keyboard arrangements. I have also put a lot of focus on the vocals and backing vocals, to maintain the feelings that I had when I was writing many of the songs. Some of the songs are written for many years ago and for me the whole album is surrounding by big emotions. Samuel, our keyboard player has also contributed with 2 great songs on this record.

The lyrics are very straight. They show the world today and all the hints and struggles we all stands before in our lives! The conflict between the new ages influenced society and the holy spirits desire to reach to people, is something that I have been trying to deal with in my lyrics. There is a longing in the band not to be any actors in these final chapters of the world. We really would like to tell everyone that there is a way to God and the way is throw Jesus Christ.  

For us guys in the band, Beyond the moon is a truly masterpiece. That has taken a lot of time to develop. Hopefully that feeling also will become among the fans! We really hope that everyone that listening will enjoy this album and support the band into the future.

What is the studio StudioX like at Falkoping? Why did you choose this studio? Who is your engineer for this album and what previous work has he done?
This is the studio that we used for our demo in 2004. When we got the opportunity to record an album, our goal was to combine a good financial deal with some practical issues. So, we decided to record our debut album in studio X. Most of the band members live inside the town Falkoping, so almost everyone had walking distance to the studio. Very practical Studio X factory is a simple studio that has suited us perfect for this project!

Our guitar player Johan and I have been the engineers during this project, assisted by Jerker Tenenbaum.

Why did you choose Rivel Records to release your new material? What makes this label so great?
Rivel records are a label with a lot of respect in the whole metal world. Christian Rivel is doing a wonderful job with his bands. For us it was very natural to contact Christian to see what his interest could be in the band. Gladly for us, he was willing to give Majestic Vanguard a chance.
What attracted Rivel about your demo?
It's hard to say; maybe you'd l have to ask him. But I think that he liked our approach, when it comes to our Christian believes. I also know that he liked our songs and our heavy melodic sound very much.
With the new addition of guitarist Johan Abelson to the band, what has he contributed and added to the band?

Johan is a fantastic guitar player. He has a lot of experience from many different band constellations and handles the solo guitar with style.

Johan also had a little experience with some minor engineering works. That has been very useful for us in the studio.

Why did you change your name Divine Disciples to Majestic Vanguard?
We wanted to indicate that this was the beginning of something new. We also felt that we were in a need of a new fresh band name for the future.
Why did the band split back in 1995? Do you believe God has divinely allowed the band to restart?
The keyboard player decided to leave the band. He was the songwriter and at that time we didn't had the abilities to maintain with the band by ourselves

If God has given us this chance to once again serve him. We will definitely take this opportunity. We are humble in what God wants with the band. The future will tell...

What do you think of the present Christian Underground Metal Music scene and how it has evolved?
Christian metal stands very strong for the moment. It's been a major break throw both in album releases and live performances the last couple of years. Christian metal bands today have reached a very high level in there music and are receiving much more respect then earlier. I believe that among the fans there is more and more interest in Christian white metal. The Christian underground scene will continue grow with mush strength in the future!

Majestic Vanguard is very proud to be one of many new fresh and great Christian metal bands in Sweden. That hopefully will write good music and stay focused in there Christian believes.

Are there any things that help the underground movement grow?
Of course all the great bands that been struggling for all the years. They have opened up many new ways and have inspired new bands to develop... Another thing is all prayers for Christian metal that certainly have giving result.
What things are hampering the underground?
Maybe we should believe a little bit more in what we are doing and also believe more in the powerful tool we have in the Holy Spirit?
How do you describe your faith in God as a band and as an individual?
Hopefully we live our lives as good Christian guys...

A big challenge today is to become a good Christian example! This world provides us with so many choices and it’s hard to find the right way when you constantly are forced away from the truth. This band is a great opportunity to glorify our father's holy name and that is our mission/

What are your future plans for your band?
We have now entered the final chapter in the recording of the Beyond the moon album. Just a little mastering is left. We will then see in what countries there is an interest to release the album hopefully we can prepare for a release in the fall of 2005!

The band will rehears relevantly during the summer and hopefully we will have some gigs later on?

If someone came up to one of you and asked how they could receive Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord, how would you approach this and has this ever happened to you?
I think you always must believe in the Holy spirits wisdom and desire to approach to people that shows interest in God. To deal with this situation you have to pray and give room for the Holy Spirit to work within you. Maybe it can sound a little weird. But I believe you are an instrument for God and really have to rest in that powerful feeling when approaching people?
Please share with us your views on Christian metal's present role in God's will, and your approach to this.
It’s very simple. If you do something in Gods name, you will see things that are amazing. It doesn't matter if you play gospel or rock and roll. Just focus on Jesus and you and your band will be blessed. Those band that choose to go in another direction, will enter a very difficult way?
Just lastly, do you have any prayer needs?
We will always have big needs of prayer. Everyday is a struggle! We don't know anything about the future and what the future will bring to us. If we continue to stay humble before the lord, maybe he can use us to deliver his glory and love to people. Please pray for us!
Parting comments?
Hopefully we will have our new website in full order, sometimes in the beginning of July 2005. Our new address will be Please give us a visit, write us a mail or sign up in the guestbook.

God Bless you all!