Name: Daniel Eskilsson

Born: 1974

Family: My wife Jenny, daughter Lovisa and son Jonathan.

Work: If a have to… Otherwise I really prefer to stay cool!

Word of wisdom: Stay metal and Bang your head for Christ!

Favourite dish: Pizza!! Fried potatoes and weinerscnitzel!!

High priority/most important in life: The believe in my heavenly father and saviour Jesus Christ. The focus stays on the cross… My wonderful family who means so much to me!

Other interests: I’m a sport fanatic. My biggest passion is soccer and the team in my heart is IFK Göteborg.

"The beyond the moon album is something really special for me"
My life journey began 30 years ago. I was raised on the lovely countryside with my family. Today a live with my family in a town called Falköping.

The interest in music has always been there for me. My father was one of the drum pioneers in the Swedish free religious churches during the sixties. The interest in plying drums was therefore natural for my... My first drums were a Pearl export witch is one of two sets that I still use today.

I have played in some bands during the years. Most of the bands have been metal bands. But also several constellations with everything from worship, gospel, to rock and roll. I met two of the guys in today’s Majestic Vanguard in the early nineties. It was Andreas and Samuel Andersson.

We have since that meeting played together in many different connections... In 1999 we decided to start a new metal band. After some years of struggling we founded Divine Disciples that now have become Majestic Vanguard.

The beyond the moon album is something really special for me. For the first I got the commission of trust from the guys in the band, to lead the whole production and be the producer… This is something that I am really proud of! I also had the opportunity to write many songs for the album. The creation of these songs and the whole production will always means a lot to me…

As a songwriter I don’t like to be locked in a specific traditional way of writing, where the music sometimes is extremely predictable. I believe you must give room for new ways of composing. I really like listening to music that is well thought out and is giving time to deal with thoroughly. There is no coincident that I listening to bands like: Dream Theater, Rhapsody, Lost Horizon, and most of all Veni Domine! This is some of the bands and people that have inspired my musical journey and who a like to express my gratitude to: Daniel Erkenborn, Robert Sweet and Stryper. Dream Theater, Rhapsody, Lost Horizon. The amazing Yngwie J Malmsteen. And of course Veni Domine for fantastic music.

Finally a great thanks to Curt & Roland for wonderful songs and great friendships.

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God bless you all!

Daniel Eskilsson – Summer 2007

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