Name: Lars Håkan Birger Walfridsson

Age: 24 years

Family: Parents, brother, sister and girlfriend Linda

Work: Consultant Mechanical Engineer

Word of wisdom: For example Psalm 31.

Favourite dish: Vegetarian restaurant "Andrum" in Gothenburg

I now look forward to new challenges in MV!

I am a music and especially bass fanatic!
I listen to all kinds of metal, as well as punk and grunge. Besides, I am into classical music, indie-pop and post-punk. Some bands/artists worth to mention are:
Thåström, Black Sabbath, Jerusalem, Extol, Antestor, Pixies, Michael Manring, The Smiths, Saviour Machine.
I have had the fortune to play worship music, gospel, heavy metal, death metal for some years, and I now look forward to new challenges in MV!
I believe that God is the greatest inspirer and the most solid rock.


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