Christmas Greetings! Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello everyone!
It's been long since you heard anything from us and we'd love to give you a progress report on what's happening in Majestic Vanguard.

We receive a lot of mails regarding the band situation and we appreciate your commitment to the band . Some of you are asking if the band will disappear and what the future holds?
We just want to be clear that we love playing music and that we are hungry for more MV. We all have a feeling that we are not finished with the band and that the vision we have, still stands! As long as we feel this way, we will do everything we can to build a band for the future.

We still lack a singer to front the band and it's very difficult to find the right man... We have worked with a few names in the past year, but has not progressed so far that we can present anything yet.
We will not give up, but have great faith in the future and know that God has a plan for Majestic Vanguard.
Please stay with us and continue to support the band and please follow the progress of the band in all different communities where we operate. Not least our website!

Thank you for your prayers and support, we need you all really much...

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and blessed “metal” Year 2012.

Christmas greetings from Daniel, Samuel and Andreas in Sweden and a special greeting from Johan who once again celebrate Christmas with sunbathing in Thailand.

Hey! Sunday, November 14, 2010

We’re back from a terrific night in Väse! The gig was a commitment for heaven and together with a wonderful crowd we had a great time…
Thanks to all of you who made this night special! It was wonderful to meet new friends and fans from Väse, Kristinehamn and all other beautiful places that you guys came from.

We gladly receive photos from the gig. Please send them to:

Be blessed!
/The MV force!

New gig and Merchandise news! Friday, October 15, 2010

So, we're back on the road again and this time the MV force heading for Kristinehamn. The gig will be preformed in Väse missionskyrka later this fall...
Photos and a report from the gig to follow!

Thanks for all the support we have right now ... It is rewarding and very gratifying.
Some of you guys have asked for new merch stuff and we are thrilled soon introduceing an entirely new MV T-SHIRT! Stay tuned for more info shortley!

Be blessed!

/The band

Festival Gig! Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Guys!
We have 2 new gigs to announce for the summer. One local gig and a festival gig in Norway. This will be the first time for MV in Norway and we are exited about the trip to Skjargards Festival in the beginning of July.
Of course there will be reports and photos from the gigs so stay tuned!

/Majestic Vanguard

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