“Lords of metal” – Nederland (English)

Majestic Vanguard - Beyond The Moon

Eddy: In the eighties and nineties I was quite a fan of a bunch of religious rock bands like Stryper, Guardian, The Brave and Recon. Not so much because of their beliefs but more because of their musical capabilities. Especially the heavy Recon, who recorded the powerful 'Behind Enemy Lines' back in 1990, there is now a substitute from Sweden. The music I am listening to now is a version of Recon, crossed with some bands from the present, like Balance Of Power, Narnia and even a bit of Dream Theater. Make yourself ready to make acquaintance with five god-fearing power-dudes and their band Majestic Vanguard. They did not always go by this name, just a year ago they changed their name to this one. Before that, they acted under the illustrious name of Divine Disciples.

This band was already created in the early 90's when Andreas Andersson and his brother Samual met drummer Daniel Eskilsson. But it was not till 2003 that these guys actually needed a singer. In Peter Sigfridsson they found the right guy for that job. Peter had no metal background but he had a voice that fit perfectly in the melodic heavy metal that the rest of the guys were aiming at. It was then when all guys for the first time felt like a real band. In 2004 the band recorded their demo and that tape reached the office of Christian from Rivel Records. I guess Christian had a very good feeling about this band because the music was so similar to his own baby Narnia. The singer Peter even sounds a great deal like Mr. Christian Rivel who is also the singer in Narnia. The Majestic Vanguard guys are all very religious persons and with help from their Lord they have managed to release an awesome and powerful debut record. The compositions are fast, furious and still full of melody. I am in awe from the first note to the very last one of this album. Just listen to the (almost Metallica-like) heavy riffs, the driving rhythms and the awesome guitar playing. The highlights are the fast opener 'The Eternal Eternity', the acoustic ballad 'The Angels Dance' and the slow and mind-blowing 'Don't Want To Be An Actor'. This will be one of my favourite albums of this year.

Score: 92/100