– Norway (English)

Beyond the Moon

It’s always interesting with new great names in the music industry, and Majestic Vanguard shows with their debut Beyond The Moon that they really have something very interesting stuff to offer to us hungry metal heads! Their mix of Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal and Power Metal has impressed me much since the first time I heard the album and now I like it more and more each time I listen to it! I like their clear sound where I can easily separate each instrument and I’m a big fan of exactly this style where they perfectly mix together great melodies, different tempos, symphonic and progressive elements and make it sound like this! With the nice middle age inspired intro One Journey, we are brought to the first jewel of a song on the album, The Great Eternity. A song with a nice melody and with both progressive and melodic metal influences.

You will also be impressed over the performing from each member in the band on all songs with great guitarplaying, nice floating keyboards and the really tight dynamic in the rhythm section. Vocalist Peter Sigfridson has one of the best voices I’ve heard in the metal scene this year, his clear melodic voice is just amazing to listen to! The way the songs are penned down on make them be interesting to listen to and varied in every direction is great, just listen to the fast and varied Emotions Of A Picture. The titletrack Beyond The Moon is heavier and slower than the first songs, the heavy precise riffs and the vocals are cool to listen to and the strong chorus and the instrumental part are awesome! Tears In Neverland is a more melodic power metal oriented song, with a sing a long chorus. The songs have many different parts and you will feel you are entertained all the way through and in my opinion there aren`t a dull moment at all on the album! The next song, The Angels Dance, is a beautiful instrumental song performed on acoustic guitar by John Abelson. Don`t Want To Be An Actor is one of my favourite songs, very melodic and maybe one of the most commercial songs on the album and perfect for a video shoot! Take Me Home starts like a ballad before the guitars and rhythm section breaks through, and like the last song, this is more commercial with a perfect melody and a chorus that get stuck in your head. The instrumental part will also impress you much, the guitarplaying gives me goosebumbs all over! It`s always hard to compare bands to others, but I will say that Majestic Vanguard remind me about a blend of Balance Of Power, Vanishing Point, early Dream Theater and Dragonland. The album continues with Footprints and the last and longest song Mystic Eye, from beginning till the end I really enjoy this entertaining album more and more for each day, and so far this year this turns out to be one of my favourite albums, so check out Majestic Vanguard immediately!