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Majestic Vanguard – Beyond the moon

Majestic Vanguard is the new rising force from Sweden in the melodic metal paths. "Beyond the Moon" is their debut album which was released last year through Rivel records. I must say that I didn't like most of the releases from Rivel Records, but when I heard the stuff from these guys, I changed my mind because Majestic Vanguard did a very good debut. Imagine influences from Stratovarius, Rhapsody, a progressive touch from Dream Theater and the personal sound of Majestic Vanguard and finally you will have the ten tracks from this album. Maybe a lot of you will wonder why should I listen to a new melodic metal band instead of listening to the well known bands and i will answer to you, in order to hear a fresh melodic metal band with a modern look in the metal music genre. Another interesting thing is that Daniel Eskilsson is actually the man behind this band, because except the drums, he writes all the songs, all the lyrics and he did the production too. Last but not least Daniel has written Christian lyrics and besides the music, personally i was impressed by the lyrics theme too. If you say that you like melodic metal make sure to take a listen to this album and you won't regret it.

SCORE out of 8.7/10

Antonis Maglaras