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Majestic Vanguard - Beyond the Moon

New Swedish melodic metal band, originally known as Divine Disciples. After years of plodding along, the four piece decided to record a demo in order to convince both the press and the record labels that they deserved a wider recognition. One of the tapes ended up in the hands of Christian Rivel (boss of Rivel Records) and he was so enthusiastic that he immediately contacted Daniel Eskilsson: drummer, founding member, main songwriter and producer of the band. It didn’t take long before the band was signed for his label. First thing was to find a fifth member and in September 2004 guitar player Johan Abelson was added as the missing link. At the same time it was decided to change the name of the band from Divine Disciples in Majestic Vanguard.

The band then entered Studio X in Falköping (Sweden) and between March and June of this year the debut album “Beyond The Moon” was recorded and produced by Eskilsson. Although he had no experience at all, the album sounds very well. Lyrically it’s obvious that Eskilsson and the other band members are all true Christians. It may not be that obvious, but all song lyrics have a Christian background. As far as the music goes, Eskilsson also knows his stuff. Influences of bands like Dream Theater, Rhapsody, Stratovarius and Veni Domine are all incorporated in the melodic metal of Majestic Vanguard and the result is more than satisfying. But the position of Audivision’s “The Calling” as best album from Rivel Records is not threatened! (CL)