– Finland (English)

Majestic Vanguard - Beyond the moon
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Majestic Vanguard is a fairly new band in the scene, but in matter of fact they have existed since early 90’s (but using many different names). Ever since I heard their demo I have been waiting for their debut album, “Beyond the Moon”. Combining the great vocals of Peter Sigfridsson and some great musicians (where the drummer clearly stands above the others).

The album strikes from the beginning with two great songs in “The great eternity” and “Emotions of a picture” which are both catchy and cheerful. The next song gives a good example of what I enjoy most with Majestic Vanguard; they build up a song for a good time then it explodes in to a cascade of brilliance in the chorus, which has multi layered vocals. A great acoustic guitar solo pumps up this song further on the favourites’ ladder. “Tears in neverland” is a bit too cliché for me, i.e. a standard Swedish power metal tune.

I don’t care a lot for the instrumental piece “The Angels dance” either nor the cheesy “I don’t want to be an actor”. Luckily the last songs are back on track again with the half epic “Take me home” is pure delight for my thirst heavy metal soul. The ultra catchy “Footprints” is well performed as well and the closer “Mystic eye” finally declares that the lads have succeeded well.

Spare a couple of fillers this is a splendid effort from the Swedish guys and I they deserve a spot in your collection.

I must also point out two tings; the excellent production, which is heavy and clear, and the great lyrics, which always gets me in a cheerful mood.

Now I hope to see them live.