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Majestic Vanguard - Beyond the Moon

By Udo on Saturday 26 November 2005

I have been an old Stryper fan since I got my hands on "Soldiers under command" And I was amazed by this debut album. Five guys from Falköping, Sweden who had cross roads with each other since the early nineties. And played in different constellations since then, decided to start the band Divine Diciples, and now MajesticVanguard.
The drummer Daniel Eskilsson is the guy who write most of the songs in the band, and he also produced their debut album. And you can hear the inspiration from other bands in their music, like of course Stryper, but also bands like Dream Theater and Nocturnal Rites.

Their debut album "Beyond the moon" is full of melodic Metal. Lots of double-base drumming, clean and rough, but excellent guitar playing from Johan Abelsson, the acoustic parts sounds beautiful. And Peter Sigfridsson has the perfect voice, pleasant and powerful. There are some Stryper connections, the sing-a-longs in the choruses for example. The keyboard playing from Samuel Fredèn stands out a bit I think. In lot of the songs he really stands out with his playing, sounding a lot like theme music from sci-fi movies or the X-Files theme song, very cool, and it's fits perfectly into their sound.
Now you all going to say that these guys sounds the same as many melodic power metal bands these days. But you are wrong, I can agree that there are a lot of bands who sounds the same, but not often do you come across a debut that shows this much promise, and has so much strong material. Like the strong and powerful opening "The great eternity", lots of the old Stryper school in this one I think, I love it. The track "Don't want to be an actor" has it all, fast and heavy parts, slow parts with only the piano and a sing-a-long chorus that’s great. And of course a real rocker in "Footprints". One thing amazes me, no ballads? Why?
This album shows a lot of promise, and the future looks good for these five guys. It is debut album that has the most you want in melodic power metal. But now I have been lifting these guys to high heaven with this album, it has a few downsides. But trough and trough a great debut, and these guys are a faster, heavier and modern version of Stryper I think!.

Christian metal rocks again!

Rating: 82%